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What do we bring to the table.......

The Fixer assists in every situation where there is an issue to be resolved, whatever the problem, whatever the size, call us and we are there to work with you to resolve it. Our speciality is helping expatriate individuals and companies in France when things get a little complicated.



- Tax and tax regularisation

- Social Cost issues

- CPAM and Carte Vitale

- Carte de Séjour applications

- Driving Licence applications

- Building Permit applications

- Financial planning alternatives

- Sole tradership set ups

- Banking issues

- Litigation advice

- General French Administration





- Company formation and structure options

- Financial and tax planning

- Company organisation

- Business planning

- Resource development

- Dealerships and Representation

- Sales and marketing development

- Organisational structure

- Litigation and litigation avoidance

Negotiating - General:


- Property purchase or sale

- Vehicle purchase or sale

- Asset aquisition or disposal

- Financing 

- Building or sub contractor 

- Contractor sourcing

- Contracts

- General negotiation

- Representation


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